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Keynote speaker: Piotr Janicki

We are delighted to present our next Keynote Speaker – prof. Piotr Janicki with the lecture „Surgical Home concept in USA and recent advances in preoperative optimization for surgical patients” Perioperative Surgical Home is a patient-centric, team-based model of care created by leaders within the American Society of Anesthesiologists to help meet the demands of [...]

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Keynote Speaker: Oliver Kurzai

15th WIMC's third Keynote Speaker is prof. Oliver Kurzai! Whereas plant and insect infections are commonly caused by fungi, only a small minority of the vast diversity of fungal species is pathogenic to humans. Despite this, fungal infections cause considerable morbidity and mortality worldwide. This lecture is dedicated to the new results and experimental technologies [...]

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Keynote Speaker: Marta Kwiatkowska

As we continue to present our Keynote Speakers, please welcome prof. Marta Kwiatkowska from Oxford University! Computing infrastructure has become indispensable in our society, with examples ranging from online banking, to intelligent vehicles and electronic medical equipment. Personalized health is a European priority and one of the strategic research areas for Horizon 2020. This lecture [...]

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Keynote Speaker: Emilie Karafillakis

We are excited to present our first Keynote Speaker - Emilie Karafillakis! This year during WIMC we will be tackling the most pressing issues in modern medicine. Vaccine hesitancy is a complex global problem as an increasing number of parents and patients are choosing to delay or refuse vaccines. This lecture will help you understand [...]

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15th WIMC Ambassadors announced

MEET OUR AMBASSADORS 36 amazing people from 26 different countries are representing WIMC all over the world! Do not hesitate to contact an Ambassador from your country and ask any questions regarding WIMC or request promotional materials. Head to http://wimc.wum.edu.pl/about/ambassadors/ to get to know them!

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Call for Ambassadors!

WIMC is looking for Ambassadors! If you are: - active in social media, - creative, - energetic, - enthusiastic about new challenges, just join our 15th WIMC Ambassadors Programme and help us spread the news about 15th WIMC all around the world! What are the advantages of becoming an Ambassador: - 20% discount on registration [...]

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