Head of the Organizing Committee: Anna Krawczyk
President of the 18th Warsaw International Medical Congress: Mikołaj Marszałek
Scientific Programme: Bartosz Korzeb, Jędrzej Machtyl, Szymon Lipiec, Kaja Kłopecka, Emilia Włoszek, Magdalena Justyniarska, Mikołaj Marszałek
Workshops: Mateusz Nawrocki, Emilia Włoszek, Weronika Skoneczna, Mikołaj Marszałek
Social Media: Mikołaj Marszałek, Michał Kurp, Anna Kupczak
Gala Dinner: Mikołaj Marszałek, Marcin Jaworski, Emilia Piotrkowicz
Social Programme: Agnieszka Ozdarska, Barbara Uflewska, Kaja Kłopecka
Corporate Partnerships, fundraising: Julia Iwoła, Anna Ziobro, Anna Kupczak
International Relations and Patronages: Agata Gaweł, Hanna Piekarczyk, Weronika Skoneczna


The Students’ Scientific Association consists of the most scientifically active students of the Medical University of Warsaw. After a student declares his interest in scientific studies, he becomes a member of the Students’ Scientific Association, who accepts the regulations and responsibilities concerning his status. As time passes these members attain experience in scientific studies, represent our Medical University during meetings all over the World.

SSA organizes for its members’ training, seminars, practice, scholarships and grants for individual research projects and has the possibility of recommendation for clerkships abroad. In this way, the SSA gives members of the SSA entrance to the newest medical information and gives them the possibility of raising qualifications which can indeed be a promising aspect in everyone’s medical career.

Our aim is to:

  • create optimal conditions for members of the SSA,
  • serve help in the realization of research conducted at our University,
  • allow the exchange of experience and present the results of individual research by students and young graduates,
  • allow the best start for active members of scientific groups in their desired professions.

The Students’ Scientific Association directly cooperates with student scientific groups at our University. Currently at the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Health Sciences have registered over 200 student scientific groups and this number is on a constant rise.

For over twenty years the Students’ Scientific Association of the Medical University of Warsaw has been organizing many conferences. The biggest event is Warsaw International Medical Congress for Young Scientists. Every year it comprises of many students – young scientists, which take their first steps at the Warsaw Congress in their scientific careers, as well as older colleges which participate in the largest scientific conferences in the World. This Congress is the largest and the most exciting, prestigious happening in Warsaw during the academic year that concerns students of medical universities.