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Hopefully you won’t need an epidural for this one, as… 🤰🏼OBSTETRICS, GYNECOLOGY & PERINATOLOGY 🤰🏼 ..is coming in way less than 9 months!👶 If after seeing childbirth pregnancy is still your passion or you're generally interested in women’s health - this session is for You! Obstetrics & Gynecology is a broad specialization covering the reproductive [...]

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🫀 Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery 🫀

You don’t want to bypass this meeting! 🫀 Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery 🫀 ..session! Tell us your academic broken heart story! 💔 It beLungs there! 🫁 Don’t be tachy and submit before the deadline! Revise your Mobitz too as we already are losing beats from excitement! 💓

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🦴Orthopedics & Traumatology🦴

Pull out your hammers! The … 🦴Orthopedics & Traumatology🦴 ..session KNEEds you!🦵 Wind up your sleeves and get ready to face the academic side of craftmanship! Submit before the deadline and break your legs in May. 💪 You're definitely going to nail it! 🔨 I hope you find this humerus, we do try to stay [...]

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Hear thee, hear thee! 👃LARYNGOLOGY, AUDIOLOGY & PHONIATRICS👂 ..session is here Get ready to stick your nose into the ENT world. Submit your abstarcts before the deadline to drop our jaws and make the heads spin on stage in May! Let's get dizzy!😵‍💫

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As the flu season begins to pass, we would like to keep it viral just a bit longer at the.. 🦠INFECTIOUS DISEASES🦠 …session! Open up your dusty drawers, pull out those old unpublished covid findings you worked so hard to get and alas.. let the data spread!😷 ❗Let’s infect each other with knowledge❗ Hazmat suits [...]

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Seen for the first time this year.. 🔍FORENSIC MEDICINE🔎 ... truly a session to die for! - Investigations , crashes and crimes - If you are Sherlock Holmes cousin with some cool academic tendencies, submit your findings before the deadline and bring them to the light on stage in May! 🕵️‍♀️🕵️ While it's hard to [...]

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Abstract submission is now open!

❗️💥 We are excited to announce that the registration for Active Participants of 17th Warsaw International Medical Congress has just opened and will last till March 27th. Send us your abstracts today! 💥❗️   Follow the link below to submit your work  http://wimc.wum.edu.pl/participation/registration/   #wimc16 #wimc #warsaw #international #medical #congress #science #fame #medicine #medycyna #students [...]

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WIMC 2022

Fellow students from all over the globe! We are proudly announcing the long awaited 17th edition of the Warsaw International Medical Congress for Young Scientists! More details to be released soon! Made by and for the medical students, WIMC is an event organized annually, hosted in the Medical University of Warsaw, in the capital city [...]

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