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1Although mostly associated with sport, this magnificent modern building is a highly appraised conference centre. This multifunctional complex, built in 2004, is mostly known as the headquarter of the Polish Olympic Committee but it is also the location of the Museum of Sport and Tourism, Polish Olympic Foundation and many other important institutions. Even those who are not interested in sport have to visit this place just to admire it’s outstanding and impressive architecture.

Address: Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 4

2Old Town marked the start of Warsaw’s urban expansion around the turn of the 14th century. Absurdly, the Old Town is fairly new, rebuilt entirely after the turmoils of World War II. It may be hard to believe that the cathedral was not completed until 1956 and the Royal Castle dates back to the 1980s. Interesting places and buildings of the Old Town: the Royal Castle, the symbol of Warsaw – the Statue of the Mermaid, the Barbican, a monument to a Young Freedom-Fighter, Gunpowder Bastion and many Churches.

3A curious case on its own, as no monarch has ever resided there. Entirely destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising, it was rebuilt in the 1980s in its original style of baroque-classicism. Currently serving as a museum.

Address: Plac Zamkowy 4

4The 1999 University Library is one of the most loved contemporary buildings in Warsaw, designed by a prominent post mordenist architect, Marek Budzyński. With its comfortable learning spaces, handy shops and cafes, a bustling hallway, a green façade and an amazing roof garden with views of the city it gave birth to a social phenomenon of ‘ BUWing’ – hanging out at BUW (abbreviation for University Library) for reasons other than reading.

Address: Dobra 56/66

5Considered Poland’s highest building, this monumental skyscraper ,built in 1955, has 42 floors and a spire on top, amounting to a height of slightly over 230 meters (about 757 feet). A large terrace on the 30th floor with a stunning panoramic view of the whole city attracts most attention.

Address: Plac Defilad 1

6The Muranów Movie Theatre, beloved for its cosy and homely atmosphere, is the place to go when you have a wish for movies you wouldn’t necessarily find in any other regular multiplex. It shows independent produc- tions and many niche motion pictures. It is conveniently located next to the Ratusz-Arsenał subway station, and has a small cafe and movie store in the foyer.

Address: Gen. Andersa 5

Housed in a pompous fin-de-siecle building since 1901, Zachęta is Warsaw’s oldest contemporary art gallery. Hosts exhibitions of leading Polish and foreign 20th and 21st century artists and an art book shop with surpris- ingly trimmed down souvenir section. Its name is drawn from the historic Society for the Encouragement of Arts.

Address: Plac Małachowskiego 3

8Reopened last spring after months of renovation, the National Museum offers a crash course in Polish art and history. Hosting many permanent and various temporary exhibitions, it is one of the most often visited places in Warsaw.

Address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 3

9Łazienki Park in Warsaw, a large garden of enchanting beauty with historic buildings and sculptures, which used to be the summer residence of the last king of Poland, Stanisław August Poniatowski, is now ranked among the world’s greatest historic monuments. Formerly situated south of the city of Warsaw, today the park constitutes a part of its central district.

Address: Agrykola 1

Everyone will find something suitable in the Skaryszewski Park – one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in the city, landscaped over a century ago to resemble different parts of Poland – from lakes in the north to the mountains in the south. Admire the art deco sculptures, have a look at the forgotten Soviet army monument, rent a boat or a pedal boat, walk, cycle, have a picnic or feed the squirrels, anything is fun at the Skaryszewski Park.

Those who always wanted to walk and read at the same time can now stroll around Pole Mokotowskie park following the footsteps of the great reporter Ryszard Kapuściński, who used to live in the area. Each morning he’d have a walk around the park and today this same meandering route (Ścieżka Kapuścińskiego) is dotted with quotes from his writings.

If you would like to see Vistula by night you can board a water tram. It is very interesting to see Warsaw from a different perspective. Warsaw water trams stop on four stops: River Cafe at the bank of the river, Old Town (embankment at the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge), Copernicus Science Centre (Powiśle), Czerniakowski Spit (Cypel Czerniakowski) by the Siekierkowski Bridge. You can use them based on regular public transport tickets. Total trip time is 90 minutes The main attraction by the river is the Fountain Park. This is the largest multimedia fountain in Europe. Through pumps which eject 3000 gallons of water per minute a 10 m high and 30 m long wall of water astonishes crowds of people.

Modern, interactive and innovative – these three words perfectly describe this place. You can spend the whole day unravelling the mysteries of science and it will not be enough. Three laboratories, a robotic workshop, five thematic galleries let you enjoy pure science hands-on. Make your own tornado, experience an earthquake, play an electro optical harp or become a sceleton riding a bike. As a scientist – feel like at home!

Address: Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20

Opened in 2004, on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, the museum pays tribute to all those who fought and died for their country’s independence. Housed in a former tramway power station, the modern museum guides visitors through interactive displays, video footage and photographs.

Address: Grzybowska 79

We believe that among young scientists there are a lot of young enthusiasts of classical music. In the Fryderyk Chopin Museum you will discover many interesting facts about the life of the great composer. Thanks to the interactive exhibitions you will dive into the world of Chopin’s Music.

Address: Okólnik 1

Are you looking for the quickest and most comfortable way to see the main Warsaw attractions? The double- decker bus Warsaw City-Tour offers a condensed, thorough trip in 12 languages. Additionally, you can get off the bus and then back on at any given stop. It is surely the most relaxing and pleasing way to do some sightseeing.


A place for travellers created by travellers. The hundreds of books, magazines and maps waiting for you to read, wooden floor, chairs and tables remind of a mountain shelter – it all make you fell like on a trip. A simple but nice menu can satisfy every hungry person just like extraordinary performances which occur mostly.

Address: Wilcza 25

A pleasant café near the University of Warsaw Campus. It hosts a Scandinavian style interior whose high windows let a lot of sun in throughout the day. In warmer days you can borrow rackets and play badminton on the grass in front of the café.

Address: Koszykowa 30

A cozy café in church tower in New Town. Very interesting. Here you can drink double espresso and eat home-made biscuits with marmalade.

Address: Freta 10

To stay a little bit longer in the area of the Campus Ochota we invite you to Pochwała Niekonsekwencji – an excellent place for somebody who loves old music and good beer.

Address: Grójecka 118

Another great place to visit, a french bistro and bakery at Plac Zbawiciela. We just love the huge, common table and their home made chocolate is to die for!

Address: Wyzwolenia 18

Even though this bistro bar was forced to change its location, it didn’t lose any of its popularity. Much like in traditional Warsaw bars, you sit on high stools or stand at the counter. Waiters in aprons serve appetizers with alcohol, be it beer, wine or vodka. This place brings together customers of different generations and nations.

Address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 44

Most people would agree that the prelude to any good night of clubbing starts at a bar. Mazowiecka street aspires to be the night-out center with several clubs and bars close at hand. We can strongly recommend checking out the likes of Mono Bar, Paparazzi, U Artystów, Bank, Zoo, Enklawa, Tygmont, Watch me, Rich&Pretty.

Pawilony, a series of bars hidden behind the Nowy Świat Street, is a great place to start a night. All doors are unmarked, and nearly every bar is a tiny, two-floor enclave with no more than 10 tables (try Pewex or Klaps for a little more space).

Under the communist regime, Pewex was the only shop where people could buy foreign products. Pewex, with name bearing the only resemblance, is located at Pawilony. A distinctive mark of this place is the psychedelic wallpaper. The club owner’s obsession is searching for orginal wallpapers from the 60s and 70s.

Address: Nowy Świat 22/28

A legendary place, one of the oldest students’ club in Warsaw, place of countless memorable concerts. It is invariably popular since 1957. Hybrydy is open on Złota Street.

Address: Złota 7/9

Cud nad Wisłą is proof that you can have lots of fun sitting on the sand, at the banks of the Vistula River, listen to live music and enjoy a beer, wine or specially prepared drink. It is particularly interesting in the evenings, the dim lights of lanterns and music giving a nice atmosphere.

Address: Bulwar Flotylli Wiślanej

Platinium Club is located in a historical building and it is an exceptional place on the map of Warsaw clubbing. Spacious interior with high ceilings left in its original architectural style along with connection with modern and stylish space arrangements make Platinium one of the most exclusive clubs in Warsaw.

Address: Fredry 6

Cosy, little pub located in the Old Town, where you can try some traditional polish dishes, while drinking cold beer. We invite you to enjoy time with your friends in this charming place.

Address: Piwna 4a

If you liked the atmosphere of “To Lubię” you should try out “Mam Ochotę”, with even more delicious cakes, more conversations over a cup of coffee, more nice memories.

Address: Grójecka 75